Lol… you sleep in church??? Read this!!!

The preacher stood in the pulpit, arm on his microphone wearing a nicely tailored suit that seemed to have celestial powers. He walked majestically across the altar and spoke on a topic that caught your attention.You were interested because of the vigor of his message, you then decided to pay him 100% attention. Your eyes…

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what a country! steal billions,you will be vindicated, but try to do this you will be convicted.

A young man was arrested and put in handcuffs after he was apprehended while stealing meat from the kitchen of the Parish Priest of St. Paul Catholic Church, Rev. Father Francis Effiong at the University of Calabar (UNICAL). According to a report, the suspect entered the Priest’s kitchen this morning when the clergy had left…

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Typically in most nations, people make money in the private sector and then go into politics, but in Nigeria the reverse is the case. People go into politics to make money. I observer this trend as a businessman in the private sector and I went into politics to change it. Before I could change this […]

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Clergy shot in Abia State and dismembered

​ Police in Abia state are on the hunt for six men who shot dead a pastor and dismembered his body on Saturday, May 13. Pastor Nnaemeka Ukenye, 48, was the head pastor of “Behold he cometh pentecostal church”, a popular church in Ikwuano LGA, Umuahia, Abia state. An eyewitness said Pastor Ukenye […]

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The Nigerian Battle

Corruption,Thou art cursed!

Why have thou chosen my dear country to lay thy filthy hands upon?

Who teacheth a child to lie yet he does it perfectly

The old is corrupt;

The young is corrupt;

What about the rich and poor?

Corruption in its many dimensions!

No one is void of thee!

Thou art the foundation of the court;witholding justice between the have and the have not;

Thou art the foundation of every political intention;

Your smell is everywhere in my father’s land;

You seem to have eaten deep into the economy;

Corruption! will Nigeria ever be free from thee?